HOA Information and Contacts


The leadership of our association is made up of elected home-owners, serving a one year term. This results in a association with a strong desire to resolve problems in a friendly manner while holding costs down. However, bylaws will be enforced to preserve our neighborhood.

It is the job of the Architectural Review Committee, ARC, to approve both new constructions and major changes within the community of Steeplechase. We do our best to work with everyone to insure that change made comply to our bylaws and existing covenant. By doing this, we hope to keep the community attractive and maintain property value without becoming a hindrance.



Elected Officers


Fee Amount Duration
HOA Annual Fee $100 Per Year
Special Assessments (none) $0 Per Year
Name Office Held
Jessica Wimberly Pres
Lora Johnson Vice Pres
Kristi Bloom Treas
Tony Tomlinson Secretary
Cynthia Stewart Board Member
Debi Crouchman Board Member
Mark Rock Board Member
Name Office Held
Mike Bishop ARC
Mark Rock ARC
Josh Janek ARC


All inquires should be directed to the following email-address